No one wants to face endless juridical procedures. Your case is more than a dossier. A legal dispute is for most people no daily practice. We do understand and therefore, a personal and close relationship is of great importance to us.A personal and informal contact is equally important. You should feel good, especially when it comes to sensitive issues.

Our Values

We pay strong attention to our values. This is what people desire, and that we know. Sometimes we are powerless here, but it will not depend on us.




We strive to give our clients quality service. Reporting is one of them, even if your internal audit or any other department asks for it.




We insist on it. Independent and not part of a large group or network of lawyers. If necessary, wo do involve temporarily field experts. In this way, we are convinced to provide you the right service and do you have just one point of contact.




Today news about your case, the same day we inform you by letter or email. You do not have to ask about the status of your dossier.